How do I setup a test-drive?

To better protect our cars, trucks, suvs and boats, all "inventory" is kept in a storage facility year round. If you would like to schedule a test drive or just look at one of our vehicles, please call or email to setup a time to test drive a vehicle.

Can I buy a new car from BIM?

There are times we have vehicles that may be a year or two old. However, we do not sell new cars to customers. We give you the choice of working with a new car dealer in the Northeast Nebraska area. We believe in buying slightly used and cared for vehicles that are "like new" and we pass the savings on through our prices. As you can see from our used inventory of cars, trucks, SUVs and boats, our used vehicles for sale are quality pre-owned vehicles that are well under what you would pay for a new vehicle, the same make and model.

What vehicle information do you provide?

We sell used cars, most listings will have the following vehicle information: used car price, mileage, exterior color, features and options, and if you would like we can provide the vehicle identification number (VIN). All used car, truck, SUV and boat listings have photos available, and some may have videos too!